Each year nearly 1 Million patients
Crytococcal Meningitis.

Annual death toll is close to
625,000 patients.

Flucytosine prepared by expertized Doctors.

The first line therapy is Combination
therapy of
Flucytosine and Amphotericin B.

Replacement of Ancobon and Ancotil medicine

In spite of such an alarming number of
Deaths, Flucytosine remains unavailable
in most parts of the world, and
especially in parts which need it the most.

Cryptococcal meningitis

CYTOFLU- Advanced & Novel Flucytosine

Flucytosine or 5-Fluorocytosine(5-FC) is one of the oldest antifungal drugs also sold under brand name of Ancobon and Ancotil to treat Cryptococcal Meningitis.

Flucytosine is effective as mono or combination therapy in treating infections caused by C. neoformans, Candida spp. and T. glabrata, chromoblastomycosis , phaeohyphomycosis, systemic mycoses, intrinsically resistant strains , chromoblastomycosis , urinary tract candidosis and vaginal candidosis.

There are number for reasons for treatment of deep-seated or systemic fungal infections which become very complex. Changes in Medical care and international travel has broadened the range of clinically necessary fungi. Moreover, prevalence of resistance to antifungal agents and immunosuppressant patients has increased and thus pushed for introduction of anti-fungal drugs like Flucytosine, Ketoconazole, Itraconazole, Fluconazole, Posaconazole, Voriconazole , Caspofungin & Amphotericin B.

Clinical Uses-Flucytosine

Flucytosine-Cryptococcal Meningitis

Flucytosine for Cryptococcosis

Flucytosine(5FC) and Amphotericin B is the most superior and approved therapy for treatment of Cryptococcal Meningitis than amphotericin b alone even in HIV patients.

Flucytosine may in the future may also be combined with ketoconazole, fluconazole or itraconazole for crytococcal meningitis.

Flucytosine in Solid Organ Transplantation (SOT)

Flucytosine in Solid Organ Transplantation (SOT)

Cryptococcosis is the third most commonly occurring invasive fungal infection in SOT recipients. Cryptococcosis represents 8% of invasive fungal infections in SOT recipients in the Transplant Associated Infection Surveillance Network database…More


Flucytosine for Candidosis

Monotherapy with Flucytosine in cases of systemic or disseminated candidosis has been shown to be effective in adults as well as in neonates and premature infants. 

Chronic infections (candidal endophthalmitis and endocarditis) and others (hepatosplenic candidosis ,candidal meningitiscan, endophthalmitis, endocarditis and peritonitis)  respond well to the combination of Amphotericin B and Flucytosine. Whereas the role of Flucytosine in the treatment of candidal urinary tract infections has been reviewed recently.

Ancobon for Aspergillosis

Flucytosine for Aspergillosis

Fucytosine is often added to Amphotericin B in the treatment of invasive aspergillosis, primarily in cases of aspergillosis refractory to Amphotericin B alone. However, there is no clear evidence that this combination is more effective than Amphotericin B alone. Pulmonary aspergillosis has been effectively treated with Fucytosine monotherapy. Results from large trials are still awaited

Flucytosine for Chromoblastomycosis

Flucytosine for Chromoblastomycosis

For Chromoblastomycosis treatment, Flucytosine has been shown to be effective as monotherapy if there is in vitro resistance of dematiaceous moulds to Amphotericin B…More


Flucytosine for Cancer therapy

Flucytosine may have a new role in the treatment of different types of cancer, especially colorectal carcinoma. One of the new and promising therapeutic approaches that takes advantage of the effectiveness of Flucytosine and minimizes its systemic toxicity is the use of an enzyme/prodrug combination in which Flucytosine is combined with an Escherichia coli gene that encodes the enzyme cytosine deaminase. It is hoped that this combination will deliver high local concentrations of Flucytosine at the tumour site.

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